May 2018 Manager’s Picks

 May 2018 manager picks

For the month of May we have chosen the tasty wines from famed Australian wine maker Hugh Hamilton. We are huge fans of Hugh and his wine. We think you will be as well when you try one of his delicious vino’s. Cheers!

Jekyll & Hyde Shiraz/Viognier blend. Nose: Heady and Lush; Roses, Violets and Thyme. Palate: Evocative mix of leather, light char and cherry. Pairing:A classic dish of the Rhone region (where this blend hails from) is Chevreau a l’Ail et Herbes Sauvages. Otherwise known as baby goat with garlic and wild herbs. The English version doesn’t sound as fancy, but we’re sure it’s just as delicious! $39.99

The Villain Cabernet Sauvignon. On the nose:A compelling perfume of roses, cherry wood, and incense.

Palate: Char, roses and Darjeeling tea. A fine texture as of emery. Pairing: Porcini crusted Rib Eye will do nicely.$19.99

Black Ops Red blend. Nose: Cherry wood and forest floor waft out of the glass, then give way to cherry fruit and woody spice. Palate: Pleasing tartness of a morello cherry, and the pure allure of a fresh baked cherry pie. $19.99

The Rascal Shiraz. Nose: Blueberry and black tea backed by blackcurrant, cherry wood, and subtle varietal violets. Palate: plush palate amply supported by well-placed fine French cooperage. A subtle earthy-charry spiciness leads to a lingering finish of bright crunchy fruit. Pairing: Simple. A whole lamb leg. $19.99

Scallywag Chardonnay. Nose: Peach, nectarine and rockmelon blossom. Palate: Silky, fine-textured and intense. Our ‘Scally’ drips with delicious fresh fruit and possesses a depth of flavor. Pairing: Scallop and basil dumplings or chicken and pumpkin filo pastries. Asia or Europe? Your choice! The Scallywag is versatile. $12.99

The Floozie Rose’. A very delicate aromatic lift of cherries, raspberry and rose petal. These delicious aromas are joined by pink lady apples and strawberries. Finely balanced acid leads the dry palate to a beautifully crisp finish. $14.99