Specials – October 2018

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October 2018 Wine Specials 

A to Z Oregon Riesling (Oregon) Compelling floral and fruit aromas invite, evocative of honeysuckle, lime, starfruit, kiwi, kumquat and quince. Compelling secondary aromas arise of candied ginger, lemon, elderflower, jasmine and gardenia. The lively palate is juicy, with balanced acidity and mouth-watering flavors of lime, limoncello, honey, pear and white peach.

Regular $15.99 on Special $14.99

Agua de Piedra Malbec (Argentina) Pours an inky purple, with aromas of plums and red and black berries. Delivers an intense wallop of rich berry fruit on the entrance. Finishes strong and smooth with root spices and a hint of earthiness. The tannins are enrobed in rich, creamy fruit, and add a lingering silkiness to the wine. Fabulous concentration for a wine of this price!

Regular $12.99 on special $11.99

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August 2018 Beer Special

Goose Island Variety 15 pack Regular $15.00 plus deposit on special for $13.50 plus deposit.

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October Spirit Special

Laphroaig Select (Scotland) Color: A sparkling gold with layers of color. Body: Full bodied. Nose: Peat first, then ripe red fruits with a hint of dryness. Palate: Sweet up front then classic dry, peaty, ashy flavors followed by a rich finish. Finish: Long lingering and florally with marzipan and limes at the end.

Regular $44.99 on special $38.99