Macallan knows a thing or two about whisky, in fact, they know about everything. With their new batch, they sought out to create an experience along with the action of drinking. The November release makes Rare Cask a new member of the prized Macallan collection, but a top tier bottle at that. IMG_6667 2

This carefully mastered bottle contains a flavoring of mahogany-red wood at its heart. That deep wood whisky is then showcased with sherry seasoned oak casks and lightened with natural color. The scent of Rare Cask leaves you with notes of vanilla and sweet citruses.

“Rare Cask combines knowledge, skill, passion, commitment and creativity to create a remarkable whisky worthy of its name. Crafted to showcase complexity and depth, Rare Cask is drawn from the broadest spectrum of casks used in maturation on The Macallan Estate.”

If you aren’t already familiar with Macallan and their collection, here’s a shot of info. Their beautiful distillery is located in Scotland surrounded by a 485 acre estate. The surrounding environment, including the woods, rivers, and plateaus have always been an inspiration to the Macallan flavors. Their obsession with quality and mastery is unmatched, and is a main reason behind being one of our personal favorites.

We have a limited amount left, here, at Mystic Wine Shoppe. This is definitely an addition you do not want to miss out on. A new taste for collectors and connoisseurs, yet also a great introduction into becoming a whisky fanatic.