Harpoon Flannel Friday

flannelNow that fall is in full swing, it’s time to get out those flannels and enjoy a cold brew!
There’s nothing better than a light breeze through an open window on a crisp autumn day. With the company of family and friends and the hum of the football game in the background… how could we possibly make a Sunday afternoon any better? By opening a bottle of Harpoon Flannel Friday.

This Hoppy Amber Ale is Harpoon’s tribute to the quintessential season of change. A bright hop aroma from late hop additions plays with its strong malt backbone. Amber hued, medium bodied, with hints of citrus and pine, this ale is made for the crisp days (and nights) of fall.

This hoppy brew will signify the end of summer and make you wish fall would never end. Celebrate the season change with this beer in hand and don’t forget your flannel!



4th of July Drinks!

mystic wine shoppe

With 4th of July quickly approaching we wanted to get your feeling extra patriotic!  Check out our Five 4th of July drinks/shots below to give you some great ideas for a fun-filled weekend!

 strawb-1-620x413 4th of july drinks

– 5 ways to make your holiday weekend a little more festive –

Red, White, and Blue Pina Colada

Watermelon Moscow Mule

Red, White, and Blue Strawberry Jello Shots

Layered 4th of July Drinks

4th of July Punch

The liquor(s) needed for the drink recipes can be found at Mystic Wine Shoppe!  We also have a fantastic array of summer beers and wines for your holiday needs!