Summer is officially HERE and we’re still crazy about using rose in our cocktails so we’re sharing another great cocktail featuring, you guessed it, rosé.

We found some great frosé recipes online and it inspired us to make our very own vodka strawberry frosé. (Check out some of our favorite rosés you can use – Yum!)

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Make Our Strawberry Frosé Cocktail


  • Bottle of COLD Rosé: First, choose the rosé of your choice. At Mystic Wine Shoppe, we carry a wide variety… We chose the Ruby Red rosé for this recipe, which is blended with 80% Cotes du Provence Rose and ruby red grapefruit juice – It’s delicious and refreshing.
    • If you want it more frothy – check out our June recipe… freezing the rosé in ice cube trays ahead of time will make it more slush-like.
  • Vodka (we used Tito’s)
  • 5-8 fresh strawberries
  • Splash of lemon juice
  • 1 Teaspoon of melted sugar
  • Small ice cubes

MWS_ web Res_ cocktails (40 of 44) MWS_ web Res_ cocktails (42 of 44)

Mix it up:

  • To make two glasses of frosé: Mix together ice (be generous with the ice), strawberries (remove stem), 1 shot of vodka, sugar and half the bottle of cold rosé
  • Blend it up, pour and enjoy!

MWS_ web Res_ cocktails (43 of 44)

Want more recipes? Check out this Pinterest page for ideas.

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