Located in Boston’s North Shore community, Ipswich Ale Brewery has been a bean town classic since 1991, making them one of the oldest craft brewers in New England. They are a well-known, household name to beer lovers all over Massachusetts and in New England in general. The overall vibe and image of the brand and brewery is just timeless, fun, and classic Boston. It is the perfect environment and brew selection for the exemplary beer lover.

The team at Ipswich Ale Brewery is jam-packed with industry experience and Boston culture. Their president started with the company back in 1994 as just a plain-old volunteer! Over the years, he had worked his way up from delivery guy, 12509583_409137799282531_1551170967375270316_n.0.0productions, and to Director of Operations! In 1999, he bought the brewery and molded and showcased it into the reputable, lovable brand we see today.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the beer selections! Ipswich Ale Brewery offers 8 year-round beers at all times. Throughout the year they release 14 different seasonal beers. Along with these, they offer a special 3 types only available on tap at their on-site restaurant, the Brewer’s Table!

Here are some descriptions of some classics, limited, and on-site offerings!ipswich-ale-brewery

  • “Original Ale” Pale Ale: This original Ipswich classic provides a caramel malt accent with a bitter finish. This beer was created for drinkability, leaving you craving more than one (or two).  Year-Round
  • “Pesky Pils” Pilsner: This carefully brewed Pilsner has a proper German malt, Czech Saaz hops, and lastly, a bright, uplifting touch of Lemondrop hops. This beer is known for its refreshing, light taste.  Year-Round
  • “Oatmeal Stout” Outmeal Stout: This dessert-type beer is a deep, rich malt enriched with flavors of coffee and chocolate. “It’s what espresso would be if it had the gumption to be beer.”  Year-RoundDm5llh7VsAAvnlP
  • “Pumpkin Porter” Brown Porter: This is a traditional brown porter brew with actual, real pumpkin and a pinch of pumpkin spice. This festive choice includes sweet caramel malts, cloves, and nutmeg.  Seasonal
  • “Blueberry Shandy” Blueberry Shandy: This brew will change all the shandy-hater’s minds. Zesty and sweet, this lemon and blueberry combo will leave you begging for more!  Seasonal
  • “Revival” Belgian Style Saison: A beer for the working man and woman, this golden-hued brew contains fruity yeast esters and a hop aroma.  Seasonal 

Make sure to add Ipswich to your list of breweries to visit! Along with tasty brews, you can also grab a bite to eat at their restaurant! Being huge fans of Ipswich Ale Brewery ourselves, we at Mystic Wine Shoppe also carry their year-round and seasonal beers! Make sure to stop in and pick up a pack. You can’t go wrong with this timeless, New England classic!


It’s like when you casually lean over to smell a rose, not expecting anything, and you can actually smell the rose! It transports you to your childhood in your grandmother’s beautiful garden with melon sized roses that you could smell from a yard away.

That is how the Manu Sauvignon Blanc is. You open it and pour, expecting to smell some Sauvignon Blanc, but then you smell it! It has a gorgeous nose that feels like a lungful of fresh air out on an alpine meadow. It is full of bright lime, grapefruit and green apple freshness balanced with tropical notes of guava and gooseberry. It is overlaid by a wonderful herbal grassiness that reminds you of lying on a hillside on a lush lawn watching the clouds drift across the sky. Even if you never actually taste the wine, you could breathe it in all day.

But then if you do taste it, it is tart and tangy, round and smooth and totally refreshing – from the first taste to the last lingering flavors, it is a wine to be tasted with your eyes closed.

Sauvignon Blanc is grown in many regions of the world. While the Loire and Bordeaux are undoubtedly the wellspring of classic Sauvignon Blanc wines, it has found one of its most popular expressions in New Zealand. Close to 95% of all wine exported form New Zealand is Sauvignon Blanc, followed by very excellent Pinot Noir. What is it about this southern clime that makes this wine so special there? There are several factors. One is the ideal climate in the Marlborough region of the southern island. It is a maritime climate with warm, sunny days and cool nights with ocean breezes flowing off the Pacific to cool down the vines. The morning fogs protect the grapes from the worst of the sun’s ray until the sun is overhead and the leaves can protect them – after all, grapes can get sunburned too. It has combination of schist and sandstone mixed with clay (called Greywacke) that allows the roots of of the plant to penetrate deep, drain well and yet retain enough moisture to nourish the vines. And of course, the final factor is the winemaker. Steve Bird is a fabulous producer – dedicated, thoughtful and willing to think “outside the box.”

As our summer transitions into autumn, this wine will allow you to linger in that alpine meadow for a little longer and draw out the best of the season.

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IMG_4929  November Cocktail - MWS (73 of 73)November Cocktail - MWS (65 of 73) IMG_4931

IMG_4933 November Cocktail - MWS (63 of 73)

This past weekend we held our first Grand Wine Tasting event. The event featured five of our wonderful wine reps who sampled 25 wines for over 2 hours! It was a huge success!  We saw a lot of new faces, with some guests coming as far as the south shore. Our entire team cannot thank everyone enough for joining us… we had a blast!

Check out our photos below and join us for our next wine tasting at Mystic Wine Shoppe this Saturday.  Can’t make it… we host a beer and wine tasting every weekend, so stop by sometime this fall and sample some great wines and brews with us.

Grand Wine Tasting | Saturday, October 14th

Mystic Grand Tasting_web (16 of 45) Mystic Grand Tasting_web (13 of 45)Mystic Grand Tasting_web (30 of 45) Mystic Grand Tasting_web (5 of 45)Mystic Grand Tasting_web (12 of 45) Mystic Grand Tasting_web (21 of 45)Mystic Grand Tasting_web (3 of 45) Mystic Grand Tasting_web (23 of 45)Mystic Grand Tasting_web (31 of 45) Mystic Grand Tasting_web (43 of 45)   Mystic Grand Tasting_web (40 of 45) Mystic Grand Tasting_web (35 of 45)Mystic Grand Tasting_web (38 of 45) Mystic Grand Tasting_web (26 of 45)

Thanks again to everyone who joined us! We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Mystic Wine Shoppe Team

It’s rosé season people and we’re loving all the creative and clever cocktails that are popping up everywhere. We searched the internet high and low and rounded up some amazing rosé cocktails for you and your friends! All you have to do is choose your favorite recipe and head on into Mystic Wine Shoppe to grab all your cocktail mixing ingrediants!

Seriously, rosé + additional booze is the ultimate hot summer day concoction and we hope you find the perfect cocktail you love!

mystic wine shoppe rose

Rosé cocktail recipes we’re loving –

Let us know your favorite rosé cocktail!