Dreaming of the summer days when you can sit outside and enjoy a glass of Rosé? Well, summertime is just around the corner, and it is time to start planning some outdoor events where you can get together with some friends and enjoy some Rosé and snacks! Here are some pairing ideas we think will be crowd-pleasers this summer. 

  1. Seafood, specifically salmon – Enjoy some fresh seafood this summer with your favorite glass of Rosé.
  2. Veggie pizza – Plan an at-home date night to make homemade pizza and sip some Rosé!
  3. Soft cheeses: brie and goat cheese – If you are looking to make a charcuterie board to pair with Rosé, make sure to include these soft cheeses. 
  4. Pesto – Enjoy some pesto as a dip or include it in a dish!
  5. Grilled meats – Grilling screams summertime, so fire up the grill for a dinner that will pair well with Rosé. 
  6. Charcuterie board  – There is nothing quite like a beautiful and tasty charcuterie board to go with a nice bottle of rosé.
  7. Egg dishes – For a brunch option, make some egg dishes such as quiche. 
  8. Fresh salads – Green or grain salads are great options to pair with Rosé this summer. 
  9. Bruschetta – For a snack choice, put together some bruschetta for you and your guests to enjoy, paired with your favorite Rosé.
  10. Fruit and fruit salad – Enhance the sweetness of the Rosé with your choice of fruit or even put together a fruit salad!

Whether you are planning a brunch or dinner event, there are plenty of options of how to pair Rosé wine. So stop into Mystic Wine Shoppe soon and pick up your favorite bottle to enjoy as the weather starts to get warmer!

Thanks for reading and see you soon. Eric and the MWS team.