Tis the season for delicious cocktails! This month’s cocktail is a creamy sweet cocktail that will be sure to be a party favorite.  Our team at Mystic Wine Shoppe crafted up a fun cocktail using The Irishman Irish Cream.  Check it out below –

Mystic December (25 of 36)


  • Milk (whole milk will be the tastiest, but any milk will work)
  • The Irishman Irish Cream – buy it at Mystic Wine Shoppe
  • Kahlua – buy it at Mystic Wine Shoppe
  • Chocolate Sauce (optional for flavoring and cup decoration)

Mystic December (28 of 36)


  • Mix together (2) ounce of Irish Cream, (1) ounce of Kahlua and (1) cup of milk in a shaker
  • Use chocolate to decorate glass
  • Pour frothy mix over ice and serve cold

Mystic December (36 of 36) Mystic December (32 of 36) Mystic December (33 of 36) Mystic December (29 of 36)

We hope you enjoyed our December cocktail of the month!  Please let us know what you think. We wish you a very merry holiday season!  Your friends at Mystic Wine Shoppe

PS. Want more cocktail ideas? Check out this Pinterest page!

The holidays are ALMOST here and we’re prepping for endless parties, gift giving, special dinners and cocktail parties. Our team at Mystic Wine Shoppe is excited to share our November Cocktail of The Month, Cranberry Moscow Mule. It could just be a big hit at one of your Holiday Events!

Not only is this cocktail SUPER easy to make, it’s festive and delicious.  You can make it your own by adding different garnishes and ingredients. We used fresh rosemary and frozen cranberries to create a colorful cocktail.  Need some ideas, click here

November Cocktail - MWS (1 of 10)


  • Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka (find it at Mystic Wine Shoppe)
  • Ginger Beer (we used Reed’s Organic Ginger Beer)
  • Lime(s)
  • Garnishes – we choose frozen cranberries and fresh rosemary

November Cocktail - MWS (3 of 10) November Cocktail - MWS (5 of 10)

To make:

  • Mix together one shot of vodka and 6 ounces of ginger beer
  • Squeeze lime into drink – we used 2 wedges for each drink
  • Add ice and garnishes
  • NOTE: Moscow Mules taste best in copper mugs!!!

November Cocktail - MWS (4 of 10)


We hope you enjoyed this recipe. Please stop into Mystic Wine Shoppe soon and let our team help you find a great bottle of wine, new craft beer or a delicious liquor.  Or join us for one of our FREE tastings.

Happy mixing,

Mystic Wine Shoppe team






This month’s Coffee & Crème Cocktail is a tasty one! Just think about sipping this delicious creamy cocktail after a day of apple picking, foliage hunting or cheering on The Patriots! It’s not to be missed.

Low res - Mystic October Cocktail (3 of 21) Low res - Mystic October Cocktail (5 of 21)


  • Vermont Ice Maple Crème Liquor: A premium cream liqueur made from Boyden Estate Maple Syrup and Apple Brandy produced from Vermont grown apples. Vermont Ice Maple Crème is extra smooth with an exquisite mouthfeel and pronounced maple flavor.
  • Coffee (iced or hot depending on your mood).
  • Additional ingredients: Sweeten to your liking with brown sugar or maple syrup.

Low res - Mystic October Cocktail (8 of 21) Low res - Mystic October Cocktail (11 of 21)

How to make:

  • This one is an easy one! Mix together Vermont Ice Maple Crème Liquor with your iced or hot coffee and shake in a cocktail shaker.
  • We used 1 shot of liquor with 1 cup of coffee and it was delicious!
  • To get the frothy floater, all you need to do is spoon out the foam from the cocktail shaker.

Want another recipe for this liquor? Check out the Boyden Estate’s Better Than Sex Cocktail

Low res - Mystic October Cocktail (19 of 21)

We hope this sparked your imagination for a great fall cocktail. We look forward to seeing you soon!

–Mystic Wine Shoppe





It’s rosé season people and we’re loving all the creative and clever cocktails that are popping up everywhere. We searched the internet high and low and rounded up some amazing rosé cocktails for you and your friends! All you have to do is choose your favorite recipe and head on into Mystic Wine Shoppe to grab all your cocktail mixing ingrediants!

Seriously, rosé + additional booze is the ultimate hot summer day concoction and we hope you find the perfect cocktail you love!

mystic wine shoppe rose

Rosé cocktail recipes we’re loving –

Let us know your favorite rosé cocktail!