Fall is in the air! As the weather gets colder it’s the perfect time to take a trip to VT and grab a hard cider! Fresh from Vermont, Champlain Orchards is the perfect destination to walk around, pick some apples, and have fun with friends.

Interested in taking the trip? Here is a little more about this wonderful destination –

  • Location: Located in Shoreham, Vermont this orchard is the perfect getaway for the day or weekend to enjoy the crisp, fall air with friends and family. Champlain Orchards is a place everyone will enjoy with lots to do!
  • Variety: At Champlain Orchards, their Orchard-Made Cider is crafted using locally sourced Vermont fruit. Overlooking Lake Champlain, their cidery presses, ferments, and crafts every cider at their orchard. With core and seasonal options, you will not be disappointed with the selection of ciders here!
  • Food: With over 115 apple options as well as pears, peaches, plums, and more, you will find the perfect snack to enjoy alongside your choice of cider! Champlain Orchards also offers delicious homemade donuts and pies to enjoy if you are craving a sweet treat.

Not able to make the trip to Vermont? Look no further than Mystic Wine Shoppe for all your cider needs! Take a quick ride to our shop in Arlington and browse our selection of ciders from Champlain Orchards.

Orchard Photos by Champlain Orchards